Why Microsoft Office Is Still Your Best Bet for Landing a Job

Jan 31

Although Microsoft is a leading tech company, our attitude and perception of the Office Suite often don't align with its actual relevance and influence in the modern workplace. So what’s the reason for this fallacy? It’s easy to take programs you learned at a young age for granted, and dismiss it as common knowledge that you don't need to revisit. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

According to Forbes, one of the top five hiring misconceptions is that college students and grads are tech-savvy. It makes the argument that just because you’ve created a presentation on Powerpoint or written college essays on Word, doesn’t mean you’ve mastered all the skills that future employers will want to see. Fortunately, you can get up to speed and pay what you want for the A to Z Microsoft Office Training Bundle.

With 58 hours of content, 313 lessons and lifetime access, the training bundles take you through 10 courses to master all the essential Microsoft Office programs. This training bundle is usually priced at $1,590, but here’s how payment currently works. Pay at least $1 and you’ll receive access to two of the included courses. Beat the average price (currently around $15) and you’ll take home the entire bundle, which includes courses in Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, and OneNote. From basic to advanced training, there’s something for everyone to learn in each course, and your future employer will likely thank you for it.

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