Nerd Vacation: Explore 5 Unique Destinations This Year

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May 15

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TL;DR: Nerd vacations are a thing! Plan a trip to one of these five super-fun destinations you may not have thought of before.

Vacations might be one of the best parts of life. And since vacations, like most things, are pretty pricey, we hate the thought of someone wasting money on a trip that isn't really all that thrilling. If nerd culture is where you vibe, then shouldn't pick a spot you can get pumped about?

5 Destinations Where You Can Truly Let Your Nerd Flag Fly

1. Comic-Con 2024 (San Diego, CA)

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This one may seem obvious—but we can’t talk geek and nerd culture without mentioning this comic book paradise. Pack your bags and head to sunny Comic-Con San Diego from July 25 through 28. This hands-free neck fan can also help you stay cool there, available for just $40.

At Comic-Con you'll see Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Superman, and all their friends gather for their annual celebration of all things comic books, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and much more. With over one hundred thousand like-minded fans in attendance last year, the huge schedule of events will make any geeky little heart happy.

Not only is San Diego known for its gorgeous weather, but you will be able to annoy your friends the whole time by quoting Anchorman. This city is also home to numerous galleries, the San Diego Zoo, and museums, too.

2. Adult Space Camp (Huntsville, AL)

Image by pvproductions on Freepik

So many kids want to be an astronaut when they grow up. So when all you wanted for Christmas was to go to Space Camp, and you got socks instead, you never forget. Make up for your childhood FOMO and get yourself to Huntsville, AL—they don't call it Rocket City for nothing.

This Space Camp for adults (and kids) has 32 years of space fun under its belt. You'll be able to train with real-life astronaut simulators like the 1/6th gravity chair and even build and launch a rocket.

And if you want to extend your trip, Huntsville has dining, spa, and shopping options, as well as history galore. The Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment alone features over 150 studios representing visual artists and makers of all kinds. 

If you want to find an affordable way to get there and back, check out this lifetime subscription to Matt's Flights Premium Plan (domestic and international flights) for just $90.

3. The Museum of Pop Culture (Seattle, WA)

Image by vecstock on Freepik

Head out west to Washington State to explore the incredible Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) in Seattle. This museum has a huge variety of exhibitions to discover—and music, film, and sci-fi geeks, in particular, will love this place. View 200 pieces (including Kurt Cobain’s Fender Stratocaster) in honor of Seattle's own Nirvana. Explore the immersive Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction, where you can view more than 150 artifacts from sci-fi shows and films.

Take in all that makes this rainy part of the country special, from the music scene to dining options and coffee. And if you happen to have an Edward Cullen fan in your group, you can geek out while you explore the Twilight town of Forks, Washington. It's about a four-hour drive from Seattle to Forks, but it could be worth it for the Twilight Festival in September.

4. Akihabara Electric Town (Tokyo, Japan)

Image by mrsiraphol from Freepik

Japan may be a longer trek for some of us, but if you live and breathe gaming and electronics, this is your home away from home. With store after store filled with video games—including unused copies of classic games from the '80s and '90s—any gamer, manga, or anime fan could spend days exploring the Electric Town streets of Akihabara

Once you've taken the long flight to Japan, you can schedule some time to see what else the country has to offer. To combat your jet lag, try this mini single-serve coffee maker and 15oz travel tumbler to house your caffeine for $30.

From shopping and amazing food to history, natural spaces, and religion, Japan has a ton to see. You can even sign up for a go-kart tour of Tokyo!

5. Museum of the West (Grand Junction, CO)

Image by wirestock from Freepik

If you love all things paleontological, you better not judge a book museum by its cover name. Visit this Colorado dinosaur museum, and you’ll find yourself rafting through geological areas, participating in actual dinosaur digs, and possibly nerd out over live dinosaur bone discoveries. It’s kind of like every Jurassic Park fan’s dream come true.

Besides the dino experience, Wild West fans will love the museum's look into Western history. This includes firearms and a real stagecoach.

The World is Filled With Geeky Goodness to Explore

No matter what your taste, you can find the right destination for you and the crew. Book a flight for less, or hit the road with way too many snacks. Don't forget to make sure you keep your phone charged to capture those precious memories with something like the Speedy Mag wireless charger for iPhone—which could also be a great air travel companion—on sale for $40.

No matter where you go, we hope you have a great nerd-cation. Bon voyage!

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