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Jun 12

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Staying cool when it's hot is no longer a task reserved for summer—the heat doesn't wait for the solstice anymore, thanks to season creep. Across much of the globe, temps are on the rise, and in many places nationwide, it stays toasty all year round. 

But you don't need to drop a fortune on central air just to stay comfortable. Something as simple as a portable air conditioner or a change in bedding could help keep you cool. There's a lot to think about when you're shopping for fun, novel ways to cool down—or warm-weather accessories that are cool in more ways than one—but we're here to break down some of our favorites.

We're Fans of These Fans

The 4-in-1 Clip-On Waist Fan 

Sometimes, all you need is a small personal fan to cool you off in the heat of battle. Or while you work. This fan features a unique clip that keeps the fan pointed under your clothes. Switch between soft, cool, and strong wind and feel breeze on a windless day. 

Get the 4-in-1 Clip-On Portable Waist Fan for $30 (reg. $39.99). 

Whirlwind Cool Bladeless Mini Fan

It looks like a Dyson hair dryer, but don't worry. This handheld fan cools you off instead of heating you up. Keep one in your bag for a sleek, stylish way to cool off on the go. Its bladeless design might even turn a few heads and make for a conversation starter.

Get the Whirlwind Cool Bladeless Mini Fan for $21.99 (reg. $59).

Easy Breeze Neck Fan 

Sometimes, when you're really hot, the thought of even holding a fan up to cool you off sounds exhausting. This wearable fan is ready to save the day (and your arms). It features small fans and an adjustable band to target your sweatiest areas with zero effort. 

Get the Easy Breezy Hands-Free Neck Fan for $40 (reg. $119.95).

8-Inch Rechargeable Portable Tripod Fan 

Whether you're sweating through an intense heat wave while you're camping or just trying to cool down at home, this versatile fan may help put the wind back in your sails. This tripod-mounted fan is totally wireless with a battery life that could last between three and 37 hours on different settings. Take it off the tripod and hang it from your tent ceiling by the built-in hook for a little airflow, but don't worry about the noise. This fan maxes out at less than 30db, barely louder than a mosquito buzzing. 

Get the 8-Inch Rechargeable Portable Tripod Fan for $50 (reg. $99.99). 

Drift to Sleep in Cool Comfort

Dr. Pillow TheraCopper™ Pillow

Are you a hot sleeper? If you are, you know that can make for a nightmarish experience when trying to doze off. This thermal-regulating pillow uses innovative breathable technology to avoid hot spots and clamminess. As a bonus, it resists dirt, bacteria, and dust mites.

Get the Dr. Pillow TheraCopper™ Pillow for $50 (reg. $99.99). 

Kathy Ireland 6-Piece CoolMax Sheet Set

Looking to cool down the whole shebang? This Kathy Ireland sheet set uses breathable, eco-friendly material to absorb moisture and evaporate quickly, keeping you dry when the lights go out. And if the climate comfort doesn't lull you to sleep, the silky finish definitely will.

Get a 6-piece CoolMax sheet set starting at $36.43 (reg. $89).

Air Conditioners for All Room Types

EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner and Cartridge

You can lament your house's lack of central air or apartment building's strict thermostat rules, but that won't make the heat go away. The EvaChill EV-500 offers a solid compromise. This personal air conditioner can cool and humidify just shy of 27 square feet thanks to its patented EvaBreeze material. All you need to do is fill the water tank and plug it in.

Get an EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner with a cartridge for $99 (reg. $128).

Evaporative Portable Air Cooler Fan Humidifier

There's nothing like a dry heat to punish your skin. If you're itching for some cool weather, try bringing the chill inside with the Evaporative Portable Air Cooler Fan Humidifier. This air conditioner alternative turns down the temp but raises the humidity  using a refillable water tank. Just pour a little water in the tank, pop in the chilled coolant containers, and choose between normal, natural, and sleep mode. 

Get the Evaporative Portable Air Cooler Fan Humidifier for $110 (reg. $199.99). 

Toshiba Portable Air Conditioner - Factory Refurbished

If you have multiple rooms to cool but don't want to deal with the hassle of installing various units, you might want to consider a heavy-duty portable air conditioner. This factory refurbished Toshiba AC delivers just as much cooling power but features integrated wheels for easy transport between living spaces. Simply snap the kit to a window and set the thermostat with the LED screen or the included remote.

Get a factory refurbished Toshiba Portable Air Conditioner for $279 (reg. $339).

Klima Smart Thermostat

Ever wished you could crank up your AC on the way home from work so the house isn't sweltering when you get in? Instead of replacing every unit with a fancy new smart one, install this incredibly handy remote AC controller. The Klima Smart Thermostat uses Wi-Fi to connect to your existing air conditioner, allowing you to set temperatures and schedules straight from your smartphone. This smart thermostat is compatible with over 10,000 models of air conditioners and heat pumps, and the only requirement is that they have a remote with a display that shows the current settings. Plus, it's compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Get a Klima Smart Thermostat for $135 (reg. $145). 

Beat the heat on a budget

The sun may be beating down. The air may be sweltering. The pool may have evaporated, but it's ok. Staying cool is something you can do on a budget, so you don't have to sweat the sweaty seasons. Keep things easy breezy with powerful fans, cooling bedding, and air conditioners that outsmart the heat. With proper planning and some cool gadgets on your side, the heat is just another chance to chill. 

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