Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Cozy at Home Through the Winter

You'll be looking forward to some cozy nights in this season.

Jan 2

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TL;DR: Create the ultimate cozy home this winter—on a budget—with a curated list of products to help elevate the relaxing mood.

If you ask us, bears have the right idea. Going out and about in the cold and wind of winter is not a good time. Instead, we say hibernate. Embrace the longer nights by making your home hella cozy.

We've rounded up some budget-friendly ways to add warmth and comfort to just about every room so you can create family movie nights, at-home date nights, or whatever else feels right. It'll be tempting to stay indoors for days on end, but don't forget to step outside for some sunlight once in a while.

Set the Ambiance with Lighting and Warmth

Lighting has long been a quick and easy way to set a mood. And nothing ruins a chill vibe more than too-bright, office-like lighting that makes you feel like you should be answering emails.

It's an easy task to give your home's lighting a once over and create literal warmth or a sense of warmth.

If your indoor or outdoor bulbs are not fitting into the dim, cozy theme you're looking for, something with a warmer, realistic-looking flame effect could quickly make things more relaxing. Or maybe big-city lounge ambiance is more your speed; a color-changing, customizable lighting option would fit the bill, whether you want to set the stage for easy conversation or for getting a little fun and funky.

If you'd like to add the grand-daddy in comfy-cozy to your home without spending a fortune on renovations, there are affordable electric fireplaces on the market with realistic-looking flames to really get that mood going. Many even come with a remote control, which means you don't have to get off the couch to turn it on. The bears would be proud.

Shop cozy lighting and heating deals:

Upgrade Bedroom Items for a Comfier Space

Your bedroom should be an oasis from the grind of the world—a grind that includes the rest of your home where you do so much of your active living (and maybe even working). As a beacon of comfort and relaxation, the bedroom should really reflect that functionality in its look and feel. 

Something as simple as upgrading your pillows could be a game-changer. With a variety of more feature-rich pillows available on the market these days, picking one out that suits your individual needs should be pretty easy.

And if you really want to focus on inviting relaxation in your bedroom, the bed itself can become your go-to retreat to rest, wind down after a busy day, read, and catch up on your streaming. Swap out your warm-weather blanket for something snugglier—or more calming—to make an instant difference.

Of course, don't forget to upgrade the doggo's sleep spot so he can stay comfy and hunker down with you all winter long.

Shop these cozy deals for the bedroom:

Functional Furniture to Support Your Relaxation Efforts

Creating a hygge-fied, welcoming hangout can include reducing clutter and streamlining functionality, thanks to the calming effect a clean space has. And adding pieces of furniture that bring a touch of texture, luxury, and opulence to the vibe can bring a little hit of joy when you enter a room. 

Furniture that pulls double-duty with function and fashion is even more delightful. For instance, a statement piece like an ottoman that brings bold colors and dreamy textures that also has storage space is a win for nearly anyone. Or maybe you want to go bigger with something like a fantastic sleek, modern massage chair to get your muscles and your mind nice and relaxed anytime you want—and without the need to shovel the driveway.

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Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa in a Snap

Between work and family, time to relax is limited for pretty much all of us. And while spa days are certainly lovely, it is expensive if you go often. Turning your bathroom into a spa-like retreat is a way to keep things cozy in the space you use to wash up and get ready for your day.

A set of luxurious 100 percent Egyptian cotton towels is one step in that direction. You can even create the comfy feeling of being wrapped in warmth every time you step out of the shower with an electric towel warmer. And if you want to feel like you're away on a European ski trip, there are warming bidet seats available to easily outfit your own toilet.

Shop these cozy bathroom deals:

Relaxing Extras to Elevate Everyday Living

In addition to specific room upgrades, there are some general ways to punctuate your daily routine to bring out the chilled-out but comfy-as-heck vibes.

For instance, a heated coaster gives you the welcoming coziness of an always-warm beverage that you can take from room to room. Or try adding some outdoors to the indoors. A small fountain or garden in any room can create a relaxing atmosphere in which to escape the hustle and go touch grass without having to put on a coat.

Other things that add an air of relaxation, comfort, and peace to your home include essential oil diffusers, humidifiers, and air purifiers—bonus if they double as a speaker so you can pump in that ASMR playlist and tune out the crying baby next door.

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Cozy Up to Hanging at Home This Winter

Regardless of what makes you feel cozy, plenty of budget-friendly home and lifestyle products exist to help you make your space the best place to be when the temps drop.

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