12 of the Best Health and Fitness Gifts for Any Kind of Athlete

From gym rats to tree-posers, we've got the best fitness gear to gift this holiday season.

Nov 13

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Everyone knows someone whose social media feed is basically just screenshots from their fitness watch, and if that person is on your holiday gift list, buying them some workout gear is a great idea.

Whether they're constantly talking about lift PRs, spending weekend mornings getting in road miles, always carving out time in their day for a yoga flow—or they're any other kind of athlete—these health and fitness gifts are sure to get their heart rate monitor going.

For the Strength Trainers 

If a certain someone in your life is big on lifting weights, this adjustable dumbbell set may be the perfect gift—even if they belong to a gym. With a space-saving design that eliminates the need for a weight rack, it'll be easier than ever to get in reps without dealing with the hassle of leaving the house. Switching between weights in five-pound increments (ranging from 5lbs to 55lbs) is seamless, using the slider to increase or decrease resistance while the plates lock for safety. They'll be pumped about this one. And you will too, because you can get this LifePro adjustable dumbbell set for $180.

For the Ones Who Never Skip Leg Day

These full-leg compression sleeves will provide the ultimate recovery for runners, rowers, Crossfitters, or just about anyone else who works out. If someone you know is dealing with tight muscles, provide them with some much-needed pain relief. The compression sleeves are made from upgraded rip-stop fabric and silicone and will give the wearer a comfortable air compression massage while providing the option of three levels of heat (low, mid, and high) and three pressure levels (low, mid, and high). The levels can be adjusted at any time using the digital remote for added convenience. Score a pair of these leg-massaging sleeves for $290 (reg. $399.98) or opt for the 1-pack if you're looking to spend a bit less.

For the Ones Who Don't Drink Enough Water

Staying hydrated has never been easier or tastier with these electrolyte-loaded drink packets. These organic hydration drink mixers have four times the electrolytes of leading sports drinks but contain no added sugar or artificial ingredients, which your most active friends will love. They're ideal for helping with dehydration and keeping the immune system healthy—and the tasty flavors will encourage anyone to consume more water. Gift this 14-pack for $16 (reg. $20).

For the Cardio Haters

Using this Chi swing machine is an out-of-the-box way to sneak in some cardio without doing jumping jacks, running laps, or attending a HIIT class. Made with a 40W motor and padded ankle cradles for comfort, the vitality swing helps stimulate circulation throughout the body for better overall health. This stimulating exercise machine also helps boost oxygen in the blood and loosen up the spine for ultimate rejuvenation. Get it for someone who gets it for $296 (reg. $350).

For the Workaholics Trying to Stay Active 

Know someone who spends most of the day and night at their desk? Help them work their heart and burn some calories at work with this under-desk pedal exerciser that helps build cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. It has eight adjustable tension settings and an easy-to-read backlit screen, allowing them to track their workout progress. Get them out of that sedentary funk for $180 (reg. $199.99)!

For the Rest Day Warriors

Great for post-workout recovery or sore, tense, and overworked muscles, this handy massage gun will help renew and revitalize muscles right at home. It has four speed levels and three attachments. The U-shaped head is ideal for spine, neck, and shoulder use, while the cone head is for trigger point massages, and the round head is suitable for a whole-body massage. This quiet percussion massager is on sale for $30 (reg. $39).

For the Golfers With the Worst Winter Weather

This interactive golf swing studio is perfect for that golf-loving friend who hates missing time on the green. Users can learn more about their swing and shots, plus gain insight into certain analytics the software gathers. TruGolf consists of 97 simulated golf courses and mini-games so anyone can play, practice, and improve their swing on a 3D-rendered version of world-famous fairways. It also captures four critical swing characteristics: club face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo, and club path. Gift this mini at-home golf simulator for $173 (reg. $249) during our limited-time price drop.

For the Multitaskers

Full-body rowing workouts are perfect for anyone who wants to get the most bang for their workout buck. It provides high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and low-intensity steady state (LISS) training, and it helps build muscle pretty much everywhere. This rower features eight levels of magnetic resistance with a tension dial you can change mid-workout and a multifunctional workout monitor that tracks total strokes, strokes per minute, workout time, distance, and calories burned. It's as challenging as the rower wants it to be, so it's also great for active recovery days. Get this multifunctional rowing machine for a loved one while it's $224 (reg. $279).

For the Ones Working on Their Mobility

This fitness and yoga app is packed with 1,500+ online yoga and fitness classes ranging from beginner to advanced levels, making it perfect for both people looking for a serious yoga study and those who use the practice as a way to boost mobility and support other sports. New classes are added every week, and they'll get unlimited access to all of them. They can even access downloadable content. What's more, they can select from live or on-demand classes. The lucky giftee of this lifetime subscription will be dedicating their next practice to you! Score it on sale for $30 (reg. $119.99) today.

For the Ones Who Somehow Don't Have a Fitness Watch Yet 

Hard to believe but true: Not everyone has taken the plunge on a fitness watch. Show them what they're missing with this grade A refurbished Samsung SM Galaxy smartwatch that looks more like a traditional watch than many fitness trackers available. It boasts essential features to keep them on time and on track with their progress. Functions include answering/making calls, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, GPS, remote music control, calendar, and more. It's water resistant to 5 ATM, and the beautiful display screen is 1.3" for easy viewing. Grab it for $150 (reg. $160) today.

For the Accident-Prone

Wires are not for everyone. If your fitness friend is accident-prone, they probably shouldn't be trying to wrangle wired headphones and workout equipment. Hook them up with the safety of these Beats true wireless earbuds. The Active Noise Canceling automatically blocks external noises, there's a Transparency Mode option for staying alert, and the on-ear controls mean there's no need to get out a phone to change songs. Plus, they're IPX4 sweat and water resistant for those intense workouts or when it suddenly starts raining in the middle of mile three. Get these Beats Studio Buds and charging case for $150.

For the Fitness Lover With No Space

Not everyone has space for bulky gym equipment in their home. If you're shopping for someone who's running a tight ship, they could get into tight shape with these exercise resistance bands. This set of five exercise tube bands could provide a range of full-body workouts with color-coded resistance levels. Whether they want to strengthen their core, go for a gentle low-impact exercise, or even work on physical therapy for long-term rehabilitation, these fitness bands could fit the bill. This set comes with a door anchor, two ankle straps, and extension straps for a variety of workouts. Get this 10-in-1 set of fitness resistance bands for just $25 (reg. $49.95).

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