How to Get Almost All of the Apple Watch Features Without Actually Buying One

Pay much less for these Apple Watch dupes and get the most useful functionality without the steep price tag.

Feb 7

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TL;DR: These alternative smartwatches rival the Apple Watch's features with a much lower price point—like $50 or less. 

Whether we like it or not, technology is firmly integrated into our lives. For those of us who grew up in the '90s, it can be a trip to look back at what the big tech was when we came of age, but there's something to be said about staying connected without all the distractions we have on our smart devices

Take beepers, for instance. The chunky rectangle device slid into your pocket or onto your waistband, vibrated, made sounds, maybe lit up if someone "beeped" you. The little screen (and we mean little) showed hardly more than a phone number. Then, it was off to the house phone or a pay phone to call back.

If that sounds peaceful but the speed of information transfer makes you nervous, consider introducing an uncomplicated smartwatch to your daily 'fit, like these Apple Watch dupes, that can help you find a balance.

Streamline Focus With an Affordable Apple Watch Alternative Smartwatch

These days, smartwatches can keep you connected, much like a smartphone, but without all the superfluous apps to distract you. They also come with streamlined productivity and health features without the time-wasting lure of your TikTok feed.

The good news is that many quality smartwatches on the market offer many of the same conveniences as an Apple Watch without killing your budget. All you need to do is a little research—which we've gone ahead and done for you with these $50 and under Apple Watch dupes.

Smart Fit multifunction smartwatch tracker and monitor

This feature-rich smartwatch is ideal if you have health and fitness goals you'd like to focus on. Right out of the gate, the Smart Fit smartwatch has a sporty band. It also has heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring to help you stay safe while working towards your health pursuits.

It tracks steps, distance, and calories burned and sends a sedentary reminder when you haven't moved around in a while. Thanks to its IP67-weatherproof rating, you can wear it to swim. And you can use it as a sleep tracker at night too.

If you want your smartwatch to keep you connected to your smartphone's most important features, the Smart Fit watch gives you messages and incoming call alerts and can keep you in the present with a date, time, and temperature reading.

The sporty Smart Fit Smartwatch Tracker and Monitor will only cost you $35 (reg. $139) while it's on sale.

Prop Up Your Fitness Goals & Track Your Wellness Routines with This Multi-Functional Smart Watch

Smart Fit Multi-Function Smartwatch Tracker & Monitor

Prop Up Your Fitness Goals & Track Your Wellness Routines with This Multi-Functional Smart Watch

25 Reviews
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Health Smart watch with activity tracking and Bluetooth calls

This fine-looking option is reminiscent of Garmin or Google watches and is worth considering if you want a more classic look or a more tech-forward gadget

Another health-conscious smartwatch, it has some additional features to note. One of the more useful things is that you can take calls right from the watch after a one-time pairing with your smartphone. Another is that you can view images on the 1.43" AMOLED screen. 

The eight included health apps allow you to keep tabs on your body, monitoring things like HRV (heart rate variability), heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and more. Although health monitoring on smartwatches doesn't replace checking in with your doctor, it's an excellent way to get a read on how your body is doing.

It also features music, camera control, and an always-on display of the time (all the easier to covertly check how much longer that meeting will last). With over 50 sports modes to play around with, stay on course to meet your wellness goals. 

This tech-savvy health smartwatch with tracking and Bluetooth call capabilities will run you just $43 (reg. $59) while it's on sale.

Keep Track of Your Health & Notifications with 8+ Health Apps, 50+ Sports Modes & Bluetooth Support

Health Smart Watch with Health/Activity Tracking & Bluetooth Calls

Keep Track of Your Health & Notifications with 8+ Health Apps, 50+ Sports Modes & Bluetooth Support

2 Reviews
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Meet Your Goals Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you'd like to kill it at work this year or get into fighting shape to boost your confidence, a smartwatch is a smart way to stay connected and supported without the distractions that inevitably come with a smartphone. 

And since smartwatches aren't a novelty any longer, there are a variety of them available with Apple Watch-comparable features that you can integrate into your life without shelling out the big bucks or losing precious minutes to yet another notifications black hole.

Other Apple Watch dupes to consider:

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