5 Phone Accessories That Will Make You Believe in Gadgets Again

Selfie drones, color-changing cables, and more

May 26

Remember the days when every Apple keynote and Android announcement was an unmissable event; when nerds everywhere would sit wide-eyed in front of their computers and watch the future unfold with every product preview? Fast forward a decade, and we’ve been so spoiled by smartphones and smart homes and smart drones that nothing seems that special anymore. It’s time we broke out of this techno-funk and remembered all the treasures that are merely a few clicks/taps away. This collection of cool, innovative accessories will bring a giddy smile to even the most jaded technophile.

1. Thermal Color Changing MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

Even though they have an extremely metal name, Lightning cables aren’t all that exciting. You plug one end into your iPhone, plug the other end into some kind of power source, and your phone gets charged—it’s pretty black-and-white, right? Not with this Thermal Color Changing Lightning Cable. This 6-foot, vegan leather cable has a coating that changes hue when heat is applied, so you can add some vibrant variety to your charging experience with a simple touch. 

Buy now for $12.99, previously $29.99.

2. Owlee Bluetooth Earbuds

With the headphone jack now on the endangered species list thanks to Apple, it’s easy to see a future where wireless headphones are the norm. But even now, wireless listening can provide a cleaner, more convenient experience. Take the Owlee Bluetooth Earbuds—they feature powerful sound, an 8-hour battery life, IPX4 waterproofing, and reliable Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity that can pair with two devices at once. No need to wait for the future; wireless is the way to go, right now.

Buy now for $39—51% off the regular price.

3. LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone Charger

This multipurpose device is perfect for the tech-connected camper, hiker, backpacker, or anyone that likes to roam around on a dark and spooky night (we see you, goths). It’s an inflatable, 150-lumen lantern that charges your phone, floats, and packs almost totally flat. Should you deplete its 2,000mAh battery on the trail, you can recharge it in the daytime thanks to its high-efficiency solar cell. 

Buy now for $34.99, formerly $50. 

4. AirSelfie2 Drone

Nothing screams "tacky tourist" like a selfie stick. Spare yourself the embarrassment of using the accursed object on your next scenic getaway and instead take your self portraits (as we used to call them) in spectacular style. The AirSelfie2 Drone is a palm-sized flying camera that pairs with your smartphone and snaps shots from up to 65 feet in the air. No more blurry, shaky images cluttering up your vacation album—its shock absorbing tech and 12MP camera will make every pic look sick. 

Buy now for $199.95 after a 20% reduction.

5. Qi Wireless Home Charging Kit for iPhone

You thought buying a smartphone dock for your nightstand was the height of zen? Think again. This Qi Wireless Home Charging Kit takes your tech organization to new heights. Mount the magnetic charging pad on your wall and slip the accompanying magnetic case on your phone to create a floating charging station that displays your device on nearly any vertical surface and charges it up to 40% faster than traditional tethered methods.

Buy now for $45, regularly $98. 


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