10 Essentials for Your Digital Nomad Packing List

You'll need more than just your laptop and a dream.

May 14

When you're building your digital nomad essentials packing list, consider what you will need to stay accountable as a professional—and ready to relocate when the mood strikes.

You can prepare with simple must-haves like software used worldwide, like MS Office, and get creative with fun things like an AI-powered travel planner

Because you can't become a digital nomad without actually hitting the road or getting on a plane, we're kicking off this list with helpful travel tools and deals. 

Digital Nomad Essentials for Smarter Travel 

Breaking down your travel needs into three categories: planning, protection, and connection. 

Simplify planning your trip with AI

VacayGo is an AI-powered platform designed to help you visualize your trip, create itineraries, and secure awesome experiences. As a subscriber, you can use it to build vision boards, coordinate travel with friends, and book travel plans.

You can purchase a lifetime Pro subscription to VacayGo at a discounted rate of $50 (reg. $1,119). 

Protect yourself with digital nomad insurance

Citizen Remote is a full-service remote work support platform that helps users get visas to secure their stay while working internationally. It also helps you find verified and secured rental properties and lock in adjustable and affordable global health insurance. 

This Citizen Remote Premium subscription, which is on sale for just $50 ($299.97), offers a lifetime of protection and support. 

Stay connected with a reliable eSIM

For a business meeting or posting to TikTok, consider an eSIM to make getting online or taking a call seamless. It's just a few steps to set up, and it's ridiculously cheap. Nothing like the days of yore with teeny little SIM cards or pre-paid calling cards.

For the UK, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and more, you can get a seven-day, 1 GB eSIM with Airalo for $5 and under.

Digital Nomad Gear—Hardware for Remote Work

You can create a remote workstation with a few simple, discounted products. 

Secure a digital nomad essential: A working laptop

We kind of assume you already have a laptop, but if you're looking for a spare that's a bit less of a worry (accidents happen), there are affordable and reliable options thanks to refurbished electronics enjoying their day in the sun.

This refurbished Apple MacBook Air 11" has an Intel i5 Core processor and 128 GB of storage, plus it's on sale for $248 (reg. $700). 

Plug in from anywhere with a universal travel adapter

When working abroad with a bunch of different types of outlets, plugging in your devices can be tricky. That's why universal travel adapters are on most digital nomads' list of essentials. 

This nomadplug world travel adapter works in all 195 countries and is on sale for $50 (reg. $55). 

Stay fully charged with a laptop power bank

Digital nomads can keep their devices working at all times by pre-charging a reliable power bank or two before heading out on an adventure. 

For a premium source of remote power, you can get this Flash Pro Plus 100W USB-C 25000mAh graphene power bank with MagSafe compatibility for $200 (reg. $319). 

Create an office-like workstation on the road

Give yourself extra room to work by adding a plug-and-play laptop monitor to your digital nomad packing list. Mirror or extend your desktop with ease, and use it in portrait or standalone mode. 

Expand your work canvas with this Mobile Pixels DUEX Plus portable dual-screen laptop monitor while it's on sale for $200 (reg. $339). 

Software Deals for Digital Nomads

You can simply download a lot of digital nomad essentials, which saves valuable space in your bags.

Work smarter with screenshots and recording software

From repurposing content to keeping tabs on assignments, meetings, and projects, you might be surprised how much screenshots and screen recordings can help. Get it all done, including annotation, with these deals:

Add cybersecurity to your packing list

VPN services are like bodyguards for your internet connection. They keep you safe from sketchy servers and let you sneak past those annoying content restrictions.

With advanced encryption, a network of servers in over 69 countries around the world, and browser extension perks, Windscribe is a strong VPN choice that's now $89 (reg. $207) for three years. 

You can explore even more VPNs for remote workers in our guide.

Office tools traveling workers need

These tried-and-true productivity apps have proven themselves reliable since long before this 2021 version was created. We probably didn't even need to tell you we're talking about MS Office.

Save on Microsoft Office 2021 with either of these discounted lifetime licenses you'll only pay for once: 

Discovering More Digital Nomad Essentials

There are so many professions now that allow for working around the globe. Of course, there's a lot to look into about the digital nomad lifestyle, including whether or not you'll need a freelance visa, but online research is a good place to start. When building out your digital nomad packing list, you can use this guide as a jumping-off point to customizing the right lineup of deals and products. 

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