MSCHF's 2 Million Dollar Puzzle Makes a Great Gift This Holiday Season

A way better idea than scratch-off lottery tickets.

Oct 17

The 1 Million Dollar Puzzle by Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF took social media by storm last winter, and now's your chance at winning a million bucks again with their latest offering. Snap up the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle and save when you buy more than one.

If you like doing puzzles, you'll find this 500-piece option to be plenty challenging: The finished design is a QR code. More than that, it's an active QR code, meaning you can scan it once the puzzle is complete—and you totally should, because that's how you'll check which prize you've won.

And you will win a prize. There are no losing puzzles! Granted, those prizes start at $1, but who could put a price on the adrenaline rush of maybe winning $1M? The previous version of the MSCHF puzzle had prizes starting at just 25 cents, so you're already ahead of the game there.

It really is that simple: buy puzzle, complete puzzle, scan puzzle, win at least $1—and up to 1 MILLION DOLLARS

Wondering why it's called the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle if the top prize is only $1 million? They're giving out two $1M prizes. Each puzzle includes a chance to win one of those. 

These everyone's-a-winner puzzles aren't the only thing MSCHF has gone viral for. With previous drops ranging from sometimes-controversial sneakers to designer participation trophies to free Lambos, collectors and pop culture enthusiasts alike clamber for the collective's new releases.

Grab a 2 Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF for yourself, your friends, and anyone on your gift list while it's easy to save on multiples.

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle - $29.99

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