The Best Things We Bought in 2023 Make Great Gifts

Our fave finds throughout the year.

Oct 2

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You already know we can't resist a good gadget, a fresh find, a dope deal. Now we’re sharing the ones we loved the most this year—so you can snap them up for yourself or give them as gifts this holiday season.

Whether you’re looking for a fun activity, electronics, an enriching experience, a useful app, or even home décor, we’re letting you in on our faves from 2023 (so far). 

Give a Globetrotter the World on a Budget

Seasoned traveler or first-time flier, airfare is expensive for all. Well, unless you have Dollar Flight Club searching 24/7 for exciting deals departing from up to four airports. This easy-to-use flight-deal-finding app keeps an eye out for discount domestic and international economy flights and sends an alert the moment it finds one. Your gift could help someone save hundreds on their next trip and every trip after, and it all starts with a $50 (reg. $690) lifetime membership.

Dollar Flight Club Premium Lifetime Subscription (Save up to $2000 on Domestic & International Flight Deals) - $49.99

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How About a Lifetime of Language Lessons for a Lifelong Learner?

Learning a new language is fun and functional, and this Babbel lifetime subscription packs beginner to intermediate lessons for 14 world languages. Your loved one can practice German, Italian, French, Swedish, Dutch, and more in bite-sized lessons that only last 10 to 15 minutes. They could practice their Polish pronunciation at lunch or master the A, B, Sí’s in Spanish. Babbel even looks out for retention with personalized review sessions, and it’s only $150 (reg. $599) for life for a limited time.

Babbel Language Learning: Lifetime Subscription (All Languages) - $149.97

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Minimalist Design, Maximum Gifting Effect

Time to change up the vibe in your gift-giving circle. With this remote-controlled LED floor lamp, they can illuminate their home in over 16 million different colors! Its super-sleek, minimalist design allows the recipient to place it anywhere since it barely takes up any room and is hardly noticeable when it’s turned off. This set comes with two lamps, so you can be twinsies and keep one at your house if you want. Grab a 2-pack of this LED corner floor lamp for just $100 (reg. $299) for a limited time.

With Over 16 Million Colors & 300 Effects, This Corner Lamp has the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

Lamp Depot Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp (2-Pack)

With Over 16 Million Colors & 300 Effects, This Corner Lamp has the Perfect Lighting for Your Home

15 Reviews
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Let Them Play a Round All Year Round

Raining? Cold out? Don’t feel like leaving the house? We understand. For people who love to golf, bad vibes can be an extra bummer. Gift the joy of being able to practice any time of year. Fun for the whole family, this interactive swing studio lets you play 97 golf courses through E6 Connect Software. They'll also get analytics on their swing, skill-building challenges, and much more. The swing stick is even weighted to simulate a real golf club. Get your gifting game up to par with this at-home golf simulator for $230 (reg. $249).

With State-of-The-Art Hardware & 3D-rendered Golf Courses, You Can Play Golf Anywhere You Go

TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator

With State-of-The-Art Hardware & 3D-rendered Golf Courses, You Can Play Golf Anywhere You Go

2 Reviews
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This Electric Bike is a Wheel-y Thoughtful Gift

The BirdBike is a fun and functional gift, whether you’re grabbing it for an eco-conscious commuter or a friend who wants a reliable eBike they can cruise on. The 500W motor can carry a rider up to 20 miles on its own or 50 miles with pedal-assist mode. There’s even a built-in security system! Don’t worry, the battery is removable for easy charging, and the whole eBike has been marked down to $1,000 (reg. $2,299.99) for a limited time.

BirdBike eBike - $999.99

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Give a Year of Warehouse Shopping That Comes With a $30 Digital Costco Shop Card*

Gift shopping for a friend who’s always searching for savings? There’s a lot to find at more than 800 Costco warehouses, and this one-year Gold Star Membership comes with a $30 Digital Costco Shop Card* to get them started. Don’t forget to let them know that many Costco warehouses offer other useful services like the Costco Pharmacy, Costco Optical, the Costco Tire Center, and more. You could mention the Costco Food Court with its inflation-proof hotdogs, but this $60 One-Year Gold Star Membership gives them plenty of time to find it on their own. 

Costco 1-Year Gold Star Membership + a $30 Digital Costco Shop Card - $60

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Eyes Up: This Car Display is a Great Gift

Getting your loved one a new car might not be on the table, but this 10" 4K touchscreen dash cam could make an older model feel a whole lot newer. It mounts to the rearview mirror and offers voice control, dual cameras, and parking assistance. With an advanced sensor and dynamic resolution switching, drivers can capture clear footage day or night. Pick one up now for $96 instead of the usual $120.

10" 4K Rearview Mirror Mounted Touchscreen Dash Cam with Voice Control & Rear Backup Camera - $95.99

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This Smart Toothbrush is Breath of Fresh Air

Here's a gift that pairs well with all the delightful desserts of the holiday season. The AquaSonic Black Series toothbrush has a powerful 40,000 VPM motor with four brushing modes suited to a variety of smiles. This stylish rechargeable toothbrush comes with a travel case, charger base, eight replacement heads, and a low price of $40 (reg. $59.95). 

AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush & Travel Case With 8 DuPont Brush Heads - $39.99

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The Gift of Relief? Priceless.

If you've got a friend who gets attacked by mosquitoes everywhere they go, you'll secure your spot as bestie once you give them this bug bite relief itch neutralizer. The Bite Helper is a very cool little gadget that runs on batteries to apply heat plus vibration (that's Thermo-Pulse Technology if you really wanna know) to any bug bite, the combination of which helps relieve the itch and swelling. Grab this 2018 CES Innovation Awards Honoree for just $25 (reg. $39.99).

BITE HELPER® Itch Neutralizer - $24.99

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A Sharp Gift for a Sharp Chef

The best part about getting someone an eight-piece hand-forged Japanese knife set is that there’s a chance they’ll cook something for you with it. This knife set doesn’t lock the user into any one type of meal, too. Chop thick meat, finely slice vegetables, and more with these razor-sharp ergonomic knives. They even come with their own stylish gift box, and the whole package is only $140 (reg. $429). 

Seido™ Japanese Master Chef's 8-Piece Knife Set w Gift Box - $139.99

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