Mondly’s revolutionary approach to learning a new language feels like a game — try it out for under $70

Jul 11

Nobody expects learning a new language to be simple. Sure, small children pick them up with astonishing ease, but when adults try to master an entirely new means of communication, there’s often a very steep learning curve.

Obviously, the mechanics of remembering and using all that new vocabulary and syntax is tough enough. However, the sticking point many new language learners face is the learning process itself. Rote lessons full of non-sequitur exchanges often happening in drab, boring classrooms can suck all the joy out of learning — and end the whole pursuit before it really gets started.

Fans of the Mondly language learning platform say they’ve figured out a fun, engaging way to teach anyone a new language. Right now, you can check it out for yourself at over 90 percent off the regular price — just $69.99 for a lifetime of access.

A four-and-a-half star rating from nearly 100,000 Apple App Store and Google Play Store reviews can’t be wrong.

Mondly allows you to pick from 33 different languages.  Once you’ve made your selection, you’ll find yourself In a virtual reality situation, conversing with a native speaker.  But don’t freak out — you’ll get verbal prompts teaching you how to respond.

Via Mondly’s state-of-the-art speech recognition technology, they’ve evaluate your answer, determine if you answered correctly, then help you expand your understanding and teach you multiple variations for dealing with the conversation.

Short modules feel more like games than lessons, arming you with resources like a dictionary and a verb conjugator to expand your skills and help you become fluent in any language you choose.

The lifetime Mondly package allow you to learn up to five different languages (a nearly $1,200 value) for $69.99. But in case you’re more selective, you can allow choose from 3-language ($59.99) and single language ($39.99) packages as well.

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