The Best VPN Deals Right Now (Summer 2024)

Installing a VPN is a low-cost way to protect yourself online—and we've got options.

Jun 12

The 10 Best VPN Deals Right Now

TL;DR: These days, a virtual private network is essential. The challenge? An endless market. So here are some of the best VPN deals available as of June 2024.

In recent years, cybercrime has increased by 600%. While a large percentage of these attacks target large companies, they're not the only victims. 

Millions of ordinary people, for example, regularly fall victim to phishing attacks orchestrated by hackers posing as legitimate organizations like charities, government agencies, and even political groups. 

As hackers grow more sophisticated, your protection against them has to evolve. If you’re working remotely or on public Wi-Fi, a great defense is a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN channels your browsing traffic through encrypted tunnels, making you anonymous on public networks and protecting your browsing data from anyone who might be trying to monitor your activity or scam you.

Before discovering the best lifetime VPN deals, do you want to learn more about how and why you'd use one? Smart move. You can check out our guide to using and understanding virtual private networks to get a better sense of what VPN offers might work best for you. 

8 Great VPN Deals Available Now 

Below are our best VPN deals available today (many of which are lifetime subscriptions), their specs, and where to buy them. 

  1. Get a lifetime subscription to BulletVPN for $39 (reg. $162).
  2. Get a lifetime subscription to FastestVPN for $32 (reg. $360).
  3. Get a five-year subscription to AdGuard VPN for $50 (reg. $359.40).
  4. Get a three-year subscription to Surfshark VPN for $84 (reg. $430).
  5. Get a two-year subscription to NordVPN for $89 (reg. $198).
  6. Get a three-year subscription to HotSpot Shield VPN Premium for $90 (reg. $467.64).
  7. Get a lifetime subscription to VPN for $120 (reg. $432).
  8. Get a lifetime subscription to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited bundled with other security apps for $150 (reg. $399.99).

Try BulletVPN's Fast, Affordable Service

BulletVPN prides itself on speed, promising high-quality connections to premium carriers whose lines provide best-in-class browsing speeds.

Available for an attractive VPN discount, Bullet has earned rave reviews from The VPN Guru, Comparitech, and vpnMentor, thanks to its industry-standard encryption protocols and its ability to unblock content from favorite streamers like Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer.

Additionally, BulletVPN helps you access hundreds of geo-restricted channels across the globe no matter where you are.

Protect up to six devices with this lifetime subscription to BulletVPN, which is only $35 (reg. $162). 

Consider FastestVPN's Added Cybersecurity Perks

TenBestVPNs writes, "FastestVPN is one of the most promising VPN services in the market."

This smart, easy-to-use option works across all devices, including smart TVs and routers, operating with 99.9% uptime. This is one of these VPN deals that goes beyond standard private network access to provide you with a NAT firewall, ad blocker, and anti-malware software.

FastestVPN lets users access an internet kill switch that protects their IP from being exposed if their connection drops. Plus, like all top-tier VPNs, it maintains a strict no-logging policy. 

A lifetime subscription to FastestVPN is on sale for only $40 (reg. $360).

Invest in AdGuard's Protective VPN Deals

AdGuard VPN is a solution crafted by a trusted developer offering encrypted connections. It provides secure tunnels between devices for uncompromising protection.

Thanks to a zero-logging Policy, AdGuard allows users to access over 60 servers around the globe and connect up to 10 devices at once without tracking.

With 4.4/5 Google Play and 4.6/5 Apple Store ratings, plus features by USA Today and Forbes, AdGuard's acclaim proves it to be a reliable option in today's VPN market.

Sign up for AdGuard and take advantage of its protective features for up to five years:

Team Up With SurfShark's Inclusive VPN Discounts

Considered one of the best VPN deals for safely streaming and torrenting content, thanks to its 3,200+ torrent-friendly servers across 65 countries and unlimited data, Surfshark VPN keeps you secure no matter what you’re doing online.

With military-grade AES-256-GCM encryption plus IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols to keep you safe, as well as CleanWeb to block ads, trackers, and malware while you browse, SurfShark offers a secure, clean, undistracted view of the web.

Standing out from the crowd, it's also the only VPN that offers unlimited simultaneous connections.

Save 80 percent on either of these Surfshark VPN subscriptions: 

Easily Connect With NordVPN's Massive Reach

NordVPN is rated an impressive 9.5/10 stars by vpnMentor and 9.3/10 by VPNoverview. Its strong critical reputation comes from robust security offerings and a massive network of servers. 

The strength of NordVPN's security lies in its double-data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption that renders you and your information completely anonymous.

It offers more than 5,300 server locations in 59 countries, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions, and ensuring you always have a high-speed connection. Plus, with Nord's strict no-logging policy, you can rest assured they’ll never sell your information to third parties.

You can try out NordVPN affordably for one-to-two years:

HotSpot VPN Deal Has Unlimited Bandwidth

HotSpot has been called the top VPN on the market for speed and security. It offers unlimited bandwidth to promise fast speeds and no buffering. 

The Premium Plan available right now supports up to five devices simultaneously, helping make this one of the best VPN discounts for small businesses and remote workers. 

While advantageous for professionals, HotSpot also caters to entertainment and is optimized for Disney+, YouTube, and Netflix among other streamers. It's also designed to protect and streamline play for those who love Fortnite and Roblox among other popular games. 

In addition to raves by CNET, ZDNet, and other respected publishers, TechRadar wrote that HotSpot displays "more than twice the top speed we've seen from many competitors." 

A three-year subscription to the HotSpot Shield VPN Premium plan costs only $90 (reg. $467.64). 

Safely Add VPN to Unlimited Devices

This lightweight VPN is simple to install and activate across all of your devices even if you’re still learning how to use a VPN.

Once you boot it up, you can unblock websites, surf anonymously, and protect your traffic. With servers in more than 30 countries, it’s like enjoying the internet without borders.

Each server location has a redundant number of nodes to form a fault-tolerant system, allowing users to safely add to an unlimited number of devices and browse with an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. has been featured in Huffington Post, Wired, Forbes, and CNET for its convenience and ease of use. 

You can try out for a few years, or dive right in for a lifetime—both at affordable rates: 

Join Millions With KeepSolid's VPN Unlimited and MonoDefense

VPN Unlimited is one of the most popular VPNs on the web. It earned the distinction of PCMag’s Top VPN, an Editor’s Pick Award from Software Informer, and is Laptop Review Pro’s Best VPN for Laptops.

With over ten million users, KeepSolid's proven itself as a reliable VPN. The platform ensures you have complete security without imposing any speed or bandwidth limits, making it one of the best VPNs to stream or torrent safely.

KeepSolid's VPN Unlimited gives you access to more than 3,000 VPN servers in 80 countries, including torrent-friendly servers and servers for U.S. Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, ESPN+, and Max.

Combining a wide variety of VPN protocols, a host of user-friendly features, and a strict zero-logging policy, KeepSolid is one of the most usable and secure VPN lifetime deals on the market.

We've got an incredible deal on a lifetime of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited bundled with four other security apps you'll love for $150 (reg. $399.99).

Cybersecurity Beyond VPN Deals

Once you find a VPN sale that matches your needs, you might wonder what other measures you can take to beef up your security online. 

From firewall subscriptions to password managers and ad-blocking services, you can always take another step towards a safer and easier digital life. Plus, if you want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of it all, you can study IT and cybersecurity from home

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