Why Remote Workers and Freelancers Should Use a VPN

Make life easier for remote workers and digital nomads? A VPN can do that.

Jan 5

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TL;DR: If you value improved security, speed, and greater access to the internet, digital nomads and home office professionals should be working with a VPN.  

Operating outside the office has stayed widely popular post-pandemic because of all the doors it can open for small businesses, major corporations, and employees in terms of collaboration, lifestyle, and productivity. If you can work from anywhere, why not go ahead and do that?

Perhaps security is a concern. If you've ever asked yourself between (or during) Zoom meetings if you need a VPN while working remotely, it's worth taking a closer look at some of the benefits of a virtual private network and how one may affect your professional life.

When you're working remotely, keeping things secure should be at the top of your list. You don't want any hackers or cybercriminals messing with your internet connection and trying to find any weaknesses in your network. That's where a VPN comes in handy.

First, What the Heck is a VPN?

A VPN is a private network that allows members to access unrestricted and more secure browsing from remote locations around the world.

For those who have worked with a LAN—or local area network—this is similar, but instead of being tied to one physical space, a VPN uses servers around the world to create a network that subscribers can access globally. 

It's pretty fascinating to learn what defines a VPN connection and how to use one. In a more general sense, there are several benefits to using a VPN for working remotely.

Boost Your Remote Work Efficiency With a VPN

A VPN can promote productivity with helpful features and protections.

For one, it can liberate your browsing geo-restrictions at a fast pace. So if there's some content or websites that are blocked in your area, a VPN can help you access them. That means you won't miss out on anything important—for work or for downtime.

VPNs can also keep you more secure whether working from home or in a hotel. When you use a VPN, all of your online activities are encrypted, so no one can snoop on your or your company's data. Your info will be safe and sound, giving you peace of mind while you work. A virtual private network can also promote productivity with helpful features and protections.

And when you're working from places like cafes or public spaces, a VPN keeps you safe from sketchy Wi-Fi networks. It shields your connection from any potential threats, so you don't have to worry about getting hacked.

Some VPN services even offer faster connections than you'd otherwise get. They have optimized networks that reduce lag and make remote work a breeze. So you can get stuff done without any annoying delays.

Let's take a closer look at how each of these focuses pertains to better remote work. 

Fast VPNs for Digital Nomads

Remote workers taking advantage and working on the road while traveling, you’re going to benefit from a VPN in so many ways—internet speeds being a top example. 

Reduce lagging

Hotels, cafes, and museums can make browsing challenging. Never-ending loading times, emails that can't be sent all the way, and the inability to smoothly watch a video—these are all symptoms of poor connections that can disrupt your remote jobs. 

A speedy NordVPN can help

Photo via Petter Lagson on Unsplash

Keep your workday manageable with a VPN for working remotely that's reputably fast. Cybernews, for example, named NordVPN the Best VPN for Remote Workers in 2023, and it's known as one of the fastest VPNs on the market with 92 percent average retention of initial internet speeds.

Private network subscriptions are so popular in the travel and digital nomad community that you can bundle deals on VPNs with fun travel-friendly services and products like language lessons with Rosetta Stone and discounted flights with Dollar Flight Club.

It's true that some VPNs can actually slow down your connection due to the encryption process, so be sure to pay careful attention to that spec when you're shopping for a VPN.

Secure VPNs for All Remote Workers

Remote jobs are dependent on healthy computers. Whether you're working at home or on the road, keeping secure from activity tracking, advertising, and hacking is crucial for a stable and productive remote work life.

Digital protection with Windscribe

On top of minimizing distractions, you need to protect yourself from any potential malware that could harm your computer and disrupt your ability to earn. Among many qualified options, Windscribe Pro sets a great example as a VPN for working remotely that offers robust security.

Windscribe's devotion to anonymity is without question and evident in its anonymous sign-up model, strict no-logging policy, and advanced encryption that uses an AES-256 cipher with SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key. For operating safely and without interruption, remote workers should seek out solutions on the level of Windscribe. 

Stay Productive, Stay Employed

When determining whether or not you need a VPN for working remotely, you need to take your productivity into account. Traveling or not—most of us are limited to the restrictions of our local public networks. For those of us whose work is influenced by social media, film, television, or even the news cycle, these restrictions can reduce and inhibit productivity. 

Work wherever you want online and across the world

Remote workers can benefit from VPNs that allow them to access whatever websites and social media platforms they need to do their jobs, no matter where they're logging in from. In an ideal world, that VPN would also be able to provide a speedy, secure connection, no matter where they're logging in from.

Keep producing with AdGuard

AdGuard is a great example of a VPN designed to sustain and promote productivity. It empowers users to unblock websites and social platforms they need to access, sets no limits on streams and downloads, and has 60 servers around the world for a strong connection anywhere you've set up your workspace.

VPN Usage Tips for Remote Work Productivity

When working remotely, staying productive can be tough, but a VPN is like a trusty sidekick that keeps your connection secure and reliable. Here are some tips that can help:

  1. Adjust your VPN settings according to your specific tasks. If you need to transfer large files, prioritize speed over security by selecting a different VPN protocol.
  2. Always connect to your VPN before accessing company resources to ensure data privacy and security.
  3. If you need access to multiple VPN connections, use a VPN client that allows you to save and switch between different VPN profiles easily.
  4. Your company's IT department will appreciate this one: Keep your sensitive data safe by using strong passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication, and updating your devices and software regularly. Remember that while a VPN adds an extra layer of security, it's important to take additional steps for utmost protection.

More of the Best VPNs for Remote Workers

Photo via Dan Nelson on Unsplash

Looking at how VPNs can make working on the road better, working remotely more secure, and how they can protect productivity, we've put together a brief list of some more great VPN options for working remotely.

These recommendations come in addition to previously mentioned solutions by AdGuard, Windscribe Pro, and NordVPN. 

  • Surfshark VPN is an ideal solution for remote workers because of its online privacy protection features, content access capabilities, and exclusive benefits. Its CleanWeb feature filters ads out of your downloads, which is huge for anyone who consistently pulls content from the web onto your computer. 
  • Private Internet Access VPN is another great option for working remotely. A PCMag Editors' Choice it comes with a whopping 35,000 servers around the world, promising great speed. Its 24/7 live customer support is also a comfort for remote workers who might need quick solutions to unexpected delays. 
  • MonoDefense Security Suite is another great VPN for working remotely because of its robust security. Focused on absolute privacy and protection, it combines a DNS firewall, SmartDNS, Passwarden, and Authenticator for totally encrypted, fast browsing. 
  • ProtonVPN is a free VPN service with one complimentary download for a single device and is used in three countries. Its no-logging policy and advanced anti-censorship features promise a lot of the benefits and protections ideal for a VPN that supports working remotely. 
  • ExpressVPN offers a risk-free VPN solution for Mac and Windows users. Its 30-day free trial allows for some budget-friendly experimentation. Express has servers in 105 countries and promises secure streaming, working, and browsing. 

Time to Work Remotely With a VPN

Now that you know why using a VPN for remote work is so important, it's time to find your own. Invest in a good VPN service today and level up your productivity and online security.

Consider the cost-benefit ratio of paying for the service versus dealing with getting hacked, losing hours to slow loading times, and needing access to geo-restricted content.

Chances are that after taking all of this into account, you'll want to enjoy the breadth of remote professionals using VPNs and other security software and tools to improve working online. Luckily, you have a lot of great services and subscriptions to choose from—many with highly discounted lifetime subscriptions, month-long free trials, or cost-free and risk-free sampling. 

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