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Zimba Whitening Strips
Zimba Whitening Strips
Zimba Whitening Strips
Zimba Whitening Strips
Zimba Whitening Strips
Zimba Whitening Strips
Zimba Whitening Strips
Zimba Whitening Strips
Zimba Whitening Strips
Zimba Whitening Strips

Zimba Whitening Strips

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by Zimba

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These 28 Enamel-Safe Whitening Strips Will Whiten Your Teeth Up to 6 Shades within 2 Weeks!


Being comfortable with your smile can help improve confidence, energy, and the way you interact with people. That being the case, why wouldn’t you try to improve it? Zimba gives you these Whitening Strips. With an advanced yet gentle formula, these strips help whiten your teeth after just one use. Zimba Whitening Strips whiten for 60% less than the other guys using premium, natural, and reduced-sensitivity ingredients. Each pack comes with 28 enamel-safe whitening strips, good enough to whiten your teeth up to 6 shades lighter within 2 weeks.

  • 28 strips. Good for 2 weeks of whitening treatments
  • Advanced formula. Effective yet extra gentle on sensitive teeth
  • Professional white effects. Whiter teeth after just one use; up to 6 shades white after full treatment
How to Use
  1. Peel each strip away from the film
  2. Apply the sticky side against your top teeth. Repeat for your bottom teeth (avoid contact with your gums!)
  3. After 30 minutes, remove and rinse out. You can expect a brand new smile after 14 days!
  • The whitening strips have been designed to whiten your teeth quickly in just 30 minutes, but they can be left on for up to 60 minutes if desired
  • If you happen to miss a day or two (we know life is busy) this will not affect your whitening results. However, for best results, it is recommended to use for 14 consecutive days
  • You should only use the whitening strips for the recommended usage time, longer wear time may increase sensitivity

For me it’s the best
"It’s whitebing for 100%. It works and you see it. Highly recommend." – Stepan S.

100% would recommend, very noticeable difference
"Found the strips better then the 'Smile' brand device, which was annoying to have hanging out of my mouth. Some mild sensitivity but nothing to bothersome. Have just ordered some more to whiten further" – Emily D.

I absolutely loved it.
"Tried the first pack and saw results after just 1 use. By day 4, I was commercial ready. The quality is wonderful when it comes to the gentleness." – Kerry L.



  • Flavor: mint
  • Ingredients: PVP K30, Glycerin, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, PVP K90, Water, Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Menthol
  • Dimensions: 16.6"H x 3.7"L x 15"W
  • Qty: 28 strips per box
  • Reduced-sensitivity formula
  • Non-slip advanced grip technology


  • 1x Box of Zimba Whitening Strips (Mint/28 Strips)


  • Ships to US
  • Expected Delivery: Feb 4 - Feb 10
  • Expected International Delivery: Feb 5 - Feb 25


  • Returns accepted within 30 days of shipment for orders within the Contiguous US.
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