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ZUCCHI Olive Oil Set (Garlic, Chilli Pepper, & Pesto)

ZUCCHI Olive Oil Set (Garlic, Chilli Pepper, & Pesto)

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Prepare Your Meals the Healthier, More Flavorful Way with This Bundle of 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils


The Zucchi family is devoted to crafting the highest quality, best tasting olive oils sourced from growers committed to sustainable practices. Zucchi Blendmsaters bring you exceptional flavors with varying notes and nuances. This set includes Garlic, Chilli Pepper, and Pesto Extra Virgin Olive Oils to help you cook your meals in a healthier, more flavorful way.

Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Extra virgin olive oil with garlic flavor
  • Ideal as a base for frying vegetables & as a raw dressing on cooked vegetables
Chilli Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil with chilli pepper and Mediterranean flavor & fragrance
  • An excellent way of giving spice & color to sauces and dressings
  • Ideal for those who love strong flavors
  • Great in pasta dishes such as spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli pepper, “arrabbiata” pasta sauces & bean stews, or on pizza
  • Also brings an extra something to meats & cheeses
Pesto Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Extra virgin olive oil with pesto flavor
  • Gives dishes a fresh, bright taste
  • Ideal for giving added flavor to summer dishes such as garlic bread, mozzarella cheese, and tomato salads or cold dishes, or pasta or pizzas, or directly as a seasoning in vegetable sauces
To conserve the oil's sensory and nutritional properties intact for longer: seal the container carefully after each use and store it in a cool place, well away from light and heat.



  • Garlic EVOO
    • 96.5% extra virgin olive oil
    • Garlic flavor
    • Size: 8.4fl.oz (250ml)
  • Chilli Pepper EVOO
    • 97.5% extra virgin olive oil
    • Chilli pepper flavor
    • Size: 8.4fl.oz (250ml)
  • Pesto EVOO
    • 97% extra virgin olive oil
    • Pesto flavor
    • Size: 8.4fl.oz (250ml)
  • Certified sustainable sourcing
  • Packed in Italy


  • Zucchi Garlic EVOO (8fl.oz)
  • Zucchi Chilli Pepper EVOO (8fl.oz)
  • Zucchi Pesto EVOO (8fl.oz)


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