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May 10

Let’s perform a quick experiment. Open up your Applications folder and count how many apps you actually use, and how many you downloaded once and never used again. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Done? We’re willing to bet you counted a whole slew of flash-in-the-pan apps that are now just wasting space on your hard drive. Why is this? Well, to be frank, the Mac App store is cluttered with overhyped, overpriced apps that don’t offer practical solutions to your problems. Or worse, they promise a solution and then imprison it behind in-app purchases and annoying pop-up ads. You’ve probably even downloaded 3 or 4 of the same type of app until you found one that actually works the way you wanted it to. You shouldn’t have to go through hours of research and multiple failed attempts just to perform simple tasks like cleaning up your hard drive or backing up your data. That’s why Setapp is such a revelation. With a huge, curated collection, it separates the app wheat from the app chaff, saves you a bundle, and frees up precious hours in your hectic schedule.

With a Setapp subscription, you’ll gain access to one user-friendly library containing over 100 apps—each handpicked for its reliability, utility, and value. The selection covers nearly every conceivable category, from computer maintenance to personal finance to productivity to creative tools. Browse any one these categories and you won’t see an overwhelming amount of totally indistinguishable apps from sketchy developers, nor will you see the misleading “FREE (With In-App Purchases)” message. What you will see is a small selection of applications trusted by Setapp’s team of experts and self-styled “true geeks.”

When it comes to getting stuff done and furthering your career, nobody likes surprises. Setapp ensures that your productivity will never be brought to a screeching halt by buggy experiences, incessant pop-ups and banner ads, or key features that are locked behind a paywall. All the apps in its library are guaranteed to be ad-free, distraction-proof, and up-front about the benefits they offer. That transparency also includes upgrade fees; you can get the newest version of any Setapp software without any additional cost.

This one-year subscription to Setapp includes a license for 2 computers and—naturally—free software updates for the duration of your membership. You can take advantage of this limited-time offer to take 42% off, bringing the regular $119 price down to $69. Subscribe now and let Setapp set you up for success.

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