Outdoor Entertaining Upgrades: Patio Furniture We Love (and More)

Host a few friends, the whole family, or your own self in comfort and style.

Mar 25

Ready to make the most of time outdoors with friends, family, and some ice-cold drinks? That's certainly the mood around here, so we pulled together all the right gear to help you stay comfortable, cool, and entertained. If your porch, deck, or backyard can use a little pizzazz, check out this outdoor entertaining upgrade guide featuring patio furniture we love and accessories that will help you live your best life in any alfresco space.

Stay Comfortable

Upgrade with patio furniture

Dine (or lounge!) under the sun or stars in style on any of these patio furniture sets.

Opt for the contemporary look of this 7-piece rattan and acacia wood patio table and chairs set (46% off at $679.99) or go rustic with an acacia wood-slat design like the one featured on this 5-piece patio furniture set that comes with a round table and four chairs (37% off at $569.99). Both table options come with a slot for an umbrella for easy shade-making.

For a more relaxed vibe, check out the World’s Finest Outdoor Rocker. It comes in three colors—white, black, and natural—and is handcrafted from premium-quality, weatherproof Robinia wood in Europe. Right now, this beautiful rocking chair is 28% off at $499.99.

Looking for something more cushy? No problem. Take five on one of these lounge sets. This 3-piece outdoor conversation sectional has the classic rattan wicker L-shape design patio dreams are made of and offers both somewhere to rest your drink and your feet, thanks to a tempered-glass tabletop and high-density foam cushions. Save 44% and get it for $309.99.

To get a little more space, upgrade to this 4-piece outdoor sofa and club chairs set that boasts a similar look with solid wooden legs and offers a storage area in the coffee table plus a fourth seating option (26% off at $549.99).

For entertaining large groups outdoors, stock up on some retro chairs that will give you big childhood vibes. These lightweight folding metal chairs with colorful webbing are sure to transport you and your guests back in time (BYO gimlet or Tom Collins). A set of 6 vintage-inspired lawn chairs can be yours for $199.99.

If a siesta’s what you’re after, you’ll find a helping hand in one of these portable lounge chair sets. Take your reclining off the ground with a set of 2 zero gravity lounge chairs. These sleek gray loungers fold up when not in use and include both a side storage tray for keeping snacks close and a cushion for keeping your head and neck comfy. Save 48% and grab them for $139.99. Get more of a resort feel with this set of folding rattan patio chaises that come with bright turquoise cushions for $429.99.

Upgrade with safety gear

One of the best ways to stay comfortable is to keep things safe.

Step 1? Slather on that SPF. Make yours double-duty with SPF 15 SolScents moisturizing sunscreen lotion (33% off at $19.95 for a 2-pack) or opt for the premium SPF 30 Sea Kind Alive sunscreen that's packed with marine actives for hydration, ideal for all skin types, and is reef safe (34% off at $27.99).

Step 2? Keep bugs at bay. Help out the whole gang by placing these LED Mosquito Repellent Lights around the patio. They come in blue or purple and are designed with a fan to attract, trap, and kill insects within a 45-square-meter range (24% off at $52.95). If you're more interested in protecting yourself (no judgment here), slip on one of these white or black Super Shield Mosquito Repellent Electronic Watch Bands. From jogging to hiking to sippin' some lemonade on the porch, you'll be able to enjoy any activity without mosquitoes bugging you for up to 130 hours (57% off at $16.99)!

Wish you'd heard about those mosquito repellers sooner? Snap up the BITE HELPER® Itch Neutralizer to get bug bite relief fast. We speak from experience when we say: This. Thing. Works. The CES Innovation Awards Honoree uses the power of heat and vibration to soothe itchy skin, and it's on sale for 37% off at $24.95.

Stay Cool

Upgrade with shade

Sad but true: Too much fun in the sun can be hazardous. Cool off in a shady spot to keep the party going longer.

Channel your inner Elaine and get yourself some shade. Try this 10-foot hanging patio umbrella with solar-powered LEDs built-in. It offers 360 degrees of rotation and a large area of coverage with a base that stays out of the way (18% off at $259.99). Need something for the table? Take a look at this tilting 9-foot patio umbrella that also has solar lights (47% off at $89.99). What it does not have, however, is an umbrella base, but you can grab one for $59.99 and save 53%.

If you’d prefer something a little more “set it and forget it,” opt for a canopy, like this 10' x 10' Patio Gazebo Tent. The solid steel frame is durable, rust-proof, and sturdy, plus the whole thing is easy to set up. Get it for $259.99.

Upgrade with fans

Some people just need to have air circulating to stay cool. If that’s you, check out these fans and personal air coolers.

Worry about yourself with this personal rechargeable neck fan (yup, that’s a thing). It’s got dual heads, 360-degree flexible rotation, and three speeds to get the job done (50% off at $29.99). Alternatively, you can cool down with an adorable mini handheld air conditioner for just $19.99 (49% off).

Share the breeze with the fam, and maybe one of them will bring you your next drink. You’ve got options. Like this smart leafless fan with 8-hour timer. It’s sleek as heck, energy-efficient, and safe, thanks to its oscillating bladeless design (26% off at $182.95). Need a bigger cooldown? Get a bigger personal air conditioner. The EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner is eco-friendly, portable, and can drop the air temp by up to 59 degrees in just 10 minutes. Pick one up with a cooling cartridge for 22% off at $99.

Upgrade with ice-cold beverages

As the saying goes: cold drinks, warm hearts. Or something like that.

If you need somewhere to stash loads of frosty cans of beer (and who doesn’t?), go for the gold with this GoSun Chill Solar Cooler that includes a solar panel and power bank. At $949, it’s an investment, but it just may be the last cooler you’ll ever need. The solar design means you won’t need ice—which means way more room for your favorite bevs and snacks (that will stay dry). Plus, you can use it as a power bank and an ice maker.

For something easier to tote around, this soft cooler is 100% water resistant and leakproof, making it perfect for any journey beyond your backyard. The interior features an antimicrobial liner that resists mold and mildew, and it fits up to 36 cans of your fave bev. Get it for 45% off at $109.99.

If you’re more interested in looks than anything else, check out this Rattan Outdoor Cooler Cart. With spaces for drinks, prep, storage, and more, the trolley’s function will match its form. Available now for $369.99.

Stay Engaged

Upgrade with games

Kids don’t want to just sit there in the yard—and neither do adults. Here are some fun ways to get your game on.

Call it what you want—bags, cornhole, baggo—the classic tailgate entertainment is perfect for picnics, barbecues, and any other outdoor gathering. And this regulation-size bean bag toss set hooks you up with everything you need to bring the fun home or anywhere you want: portable boards, beanbags, and a carrying case (23% off at $99.99).

More fun for the whole family can be found in this jumbo “4 to Score” game set that will bring back memories from the days when sugar-coated cereal that came with toys was a completely suitable breakfast (25% off at $179.99).

Love golf? Or beer pong? Well, why not combine ’em with a backyard PutterBall set! You can make it child-friendly, or not. Whatever floats your boat! Either way, you can save $20 on this Amazon’s Choice game with code PUTTER10.

Upgrade with music

What’s a picnic, party, or cookout without some sweet tunes? Ripe for creating awkward silences is what. Avoid all that with one of these sweet outdoor-safe speakers.

Lean into those #summervibes with this Tiki Torch Bluetooth LED Speaker. You’ll get rich stereo sound from this mood-setting candle-like flickering light for up to 6 hours per charge. Set it on a table or attach it to the included 4-foot pole for the full effect (59% off at $39.99).

For something more traditional, trust TREBLAB’s rugged HD77 Ultra-Premium Bluetooth Speaker. It’s an Amazon’s Choice product with 4.6 stars and over 5k reviews that offers up to 20 hours of crisp 360-degree HD sound with DualBass technology. Protection from light rain and accidental splashes makes it a great outdoor companion (16% off at $74.99).

Not enough H2O protection? Say no more! The Floatilla II Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker has your back. Enjoy pool parties without worry and get up to six hours of music from this floatable speaker and FM radio. You can even connect two Floatilla speakers for a complete stereo experience (59% off at $39.99).

Prices subject to change.

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