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Apr 17

TL;DR: These discount airfare finders can help you find cheap flights from your city. Here's how to choose the best one for you.

Nothing dashes our wanderlust hopes faster than researching a trip and discovering prices are outrageous. According to a report on NerdWallet, one out of five travelers will go into debt to cover their travel expenses this summer. While throwing the total of a pricey flight or hotel stay on a credit card is a valid option, it's not the wisest plan to pay extra in interest.

Although some people in NerdWallet's report plan to use other modes of transport besides flying to offset the high price of airfare, eliminating air travel from the equation severely limits your possible destinations (e.g., no one's driving to Hawaii).

Plenty of discount flight finders can track down affordable tickets to take you where you want to go, and we’ve got some current faves.

Wondering which app for flight deals is right for the way you like to travel? We can help with that, and it can help you find cheap flights.

If your heart says “Tahiti,” but your budget says “staycation,” then compromise—and fly to Tahiti anyway.

For the International-or-Bust Traveler

Want to fly somewhere on the cheap? Dollar Flight Club (DFC), used by more than a million people worldwide, has two subscription levels, and both give you lifetime access to affordable domestic and international flights worldwide

Any DFC subscription lets you search for economy flight deals to destinations both near and far. Just pick your home airports and start checking your email for new, exciting discounts and mistake fares. 

What sets Dollar Flight Club apart is how far your ticket to ride could take you. If you’ve got your eyes on an international vacation, DFC is one of the best platforms out there—and you could score enough savings to subsidize much of the rest of your trip.

Your Dollar Flight Club subscription also gets you discounts of up to 50% from DFC partners. Grab some awesome outdoor entertaining gear with a discount to Huckberry, or check out Babbel and Acanela Expeditions to learn a new language or book hiking and other outdoor adventures. Just wait and see how much easier it is to order dinner when you actually know how to pronounce the words on the menu. 

The big difference between DFC’s Premium and Premium+ subscriptions is in the ticket selection. Premium lets you search for economy flights, while Premium+ opens your options to economy, premium economy, and business classes. At first, that may seem like a matter of creature comforts on the plane, but it also means that Premium+ subscribers have more potential flight options. 

Join the Club—rated 4.4 stars on Trustpilot—and you could save up to $2,000 on a single flight! 

For the All-in-One Vacation Planner

Yeah, it’s stressful getting your airfare sorted, but the flights are just the bread on your big vacation sandwich. If you want help sorting out the meat of the trip, Travel Buyers Club helps you find deals on hotels, car rentals, activities, and, yes, flights too.

Get exclusive savings that aren't available to the public—or even viewable unless you're logged in. You could save enough money on one hotel booking to cover the cost of your first year of membership.

Theme park tickets can get expensive, but as an authorized reseller, Travel Buyers Club offers discounts to all the big guys. That's what sets Travel Buyers Club apart from other Premium travel subscriptions, and that's not even counting the low-priced tickets for city tours, museums, day trips, cruises, and all kinds of adventures. 

Members-only discounts are available across travel categories, so join the club while it’s 69% off.

Get a one-year membership to Travel Buyers Club for $29.99 (reg. $99).

For the First-Class Traveler with an Economy Budget (or a Love of AI)

Memories of travel are priceless, but plane tickets very much have a price. If you like to fly in style, the price is even higher. That’s why you let OneAir find your flights for you.

OneAir uses AI to scan for deals on business, first, premium, and even economy class flights leaving or arriving at 10 airports of your choosing. That includes mistake fares! Set up airfare notifications to fly directly to your inbox, or download the app and access your flight suggestions there. 

OneAir comes with personal one-on-one business and first-class flight planning support. You'll also get exclusive access to private and corporate discounted fares—something you might not find with the other flight deal apps.

As a bonus, signing up with this service enrolls you in OneClub for more exclusive deals on hotels, cars, and activities. Plus, pricing is totally transparent. Airlines might try to slip a fee past you, but OneAir prices are all-inclusive, so the price you see is what you pay. 

Time to pack a bag! Choose which level works for you:

Find Cheaper Flights Than All Your Friends

Holiday breakers, vacation planners, and globetrotters: This is your chance to fly to your next vacation destination on a budget. All that’s left to do after that is choose the best travel deals app to get you there.

Looking for more options? No sweat. Check out our current offerings to help you discover apps for flight and travel deals.

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