Here’s how you eliminate password problems once and for all — find out how for under $20

May 26

In case you missed it, we all celebrated World Password Day earlier this month. I know. I forgot to get you something too.

While the worldwide festivities are finally dying down, any day is actually a darn good one to confront the very real problem of password protection. As if to accentuate the point, look no further than password issues that surrounded Facebook and Twitter — both in the past month! — as brilliant evidence that it’s way past time to get your password game on point.

Dashlane is a smart, incredibly simple, ultra-secure way of ensuring your passwords are always protected, as its raves reviews from the New York Times and PC Mag as well as App of the Year honors from both Apple and Google will attest.  Right now, you can get yourself a full year of Dashlane coverage for just $19.98, half off its regular price.

Dashlane allows you to generate secure, one-of-a-kind passwords for every app or website requiring a login. And rather than remembering them, Dashlane does it for you, letting you access your given site with a single click.

Safeguarded by Dashlane's military-grade encryption, all of your sites will each have their own super-strong multi-character password managed by Dashlane, yet you can access account information or even conduct payments or purchases with full protection.

Dashlane syncs across all your devices, allows you to make changes in seconds and supports two-factor authentication with touch or photo-ID enabled phones and tablets. There’s even a feature to safely share passwords or set up emergency password inheritance if something should happen to you.

With this offer, you can get 12 months of Dashlane for $19.98 or get the same 50 percent discount on extended 3-year ($59.94) or 5-year ($99.90) service plans as well.

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