Google Cloud Platform (GCP): For Techs [Video]

5.05 Hours
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12 Lessons (5.05h)

  • Your First Program
  • Introduction to Google Cloud for Techs
    Introduction to Google Cloud for Techs2:03
  • Google Cloud - Introduction to GCP
    Introduction to GCP3:49
    GCP - Signup process (If you are from Europe then this might clear some doubts)3:49
    Demo - GCP- Webconsole (Projects, billing)6:00
    Demo - Cloud SDK9:16
  • Google Cloud IAM - (Identity & Access Management)
    IAM Concepts6:01
    Demo - Add IAM Member7:58
    Demo- Custom Role8:44
    Demo - IAM Hierarchy2:56
  • Google Regions & Zones
    GCP - Regions & Zones3:20
  • Google Cloud - Virtual Machine
    GCP- Google VM Introduction7:42
    Demo - VM (Preemptible, gcloud, Commited Discount etc,.)17:09
    GCP - VM Image & Snapshot5:03
    Demo - VM (Image, Snapshot & Cloning)14:35
  • Networking (VPC)
    A bit about Google's superspeed network8:51
    VPC – Introduction9:37
    Demo - Create VPC7:53
    Demo-Multiple NICs on VM10:07
    VPC Peering4:28
    Demo - VPC Peering11:27
  • Google Cloud Load balancer & Autoscaling
    Load Balancer – Introduction6:34
    Demo- Load balancer & Autoscaling18:19
  • CDN - Content & Delivery Network
    Introduction to CD5:44
    CDN - Flushing the cache & restrictions2:29
    CDN - How to avoid excessive billing1:47
    DEMO - Enabling CDN7:56
    Demo -Invalidating the cache in CDN4:21
  • Google Cloud Storage - Cloud SQL
    Introduction to Google Cloud Storage3:26
    Cloud SQL Introduction7:52
    Cloud SQL - High Availability Introduction2:53
    DEMO - Cloud SQL - Create and Connect (Check that DB Flag!)10:55
    DEMO - Cloud SQL - High Availability5:16
  • Cloud Storage – Datastore
    Why NoSQL?3:20
    How Datastore Scales using Bigtable5:06
    Consistency in Cloud Datastore5:52
    Demo - Cloud Datastore9:18
    Demo - Entity Group in Datastore1:34
  • Cloud Storage – Spanner
    Introduction to Spanner7:41
    Spanner Data Types & Models7:51
    Demo –Spanner4:34
    Demo - Connect to Spanner from Compute Engine (IAM + PHP)7:51
  • Google Cloud Storage - Storage (Store that Gorilla picture!)
    Introduction to Storage4:48
    Storage - Buckets and Objects9:31
    Demo - Copy using gsutil & store that Gorilla picture!7:34

Prepare for the Google Cloud Architect Exam with This 5.05-Hour Guide on VPC, CDN, Spanner, & More

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Rajesh P R Pandian

Rajesh works as a Cloud engineer in a Cloud company. This requires him to have experience/expertise in multiple areas. His daily activities make use of his troubleshooting skills for servers (Linux and Windows) and network devices (Cisco, F5 Networks, and Brocade). His company was an early adopter of SDN (Software Defined Networking) solutions and he has been directly involved with this implementation using the VMWare NSX software (and its predecessor - Nicira). He is also called upon to deliver classroom training for other teams in his company. He writes code (Python only) for their Infrastructure for proactive reasons and considers himself an IT enthusiast.


Would you like to gain technical knowledge about the Google Cloud Platform? The Google Cloud Platform is big news at the moment. If you learn it now in a practical way, you will not only ace that interview and perform well in your job, but you will be able to troubleshoot in a more efficient way. After all, applied knowledge is power, right? In this course, you will learn IAM, Google Cloud Compute Engine, VPC, CDN, Loadbalancing, Autoscaling, Cloud SQL, Spanner, Buckets, and Datastore with hands-on demos. More contents like Pub/Sub, App Engine, Stackdriver, and so on, will be added in the near future.

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  • Access 12 lectures & 5.05 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn key concepts & how to operate GCP efficiently
  • Learn how Google Cloud Autoscaler works in GCP
  • Avoid excessive billing when using Google Cloud CDN
  • Know what NoSQL is & how Google Cloud Datastore scales under the hood
  • Secure access to your Virtual Machines
  • Restrict your team only to access certain resources
  • Learn the concepts of Regions & Zones to architect your solutions in GCP


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  • Access options: desktop & mobile
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  • Updates included
  • Experience level required: all levels


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