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Design + Code: Learn iOS Design & Xcode
Design + Code: Learn iOS Design & Xcode
Design + Code: Learn iOS Design & Xcode
Design + Code: Learn iOS Design & Xcode
Design + Code: Learn iOS Design & Xcode
Design + Code: Learn iOS Design & Xcode
Design + Code: Learn iOS Design & Xcode
Design + Code: Learn iOS Design & Xcode

Design + Code: Learn iOS Design & Xcode

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An eBook, 31 Videos & 24 Xcode Project Files To Help You Approach App Building, Holistically

Design + Code



Designers should code because it will inform their design decisions and allow better collaboration with engineers. Design + Code is a beautifully packaged eLearning system that will teach you to design holistically by marrying design and code. In addition to the Design + Code eBook you will get access to 25 Sketch files, 31 videos and 24 Xcode projects.


Chapter 1: iOS Design - 9 sections, 3 videos After an introduction to designing for iOS, you will learn about how to use colors, typography, animations and UI icons/sounds to enhance your design. This chapter concludes by giving tips about finding design inspiration, as well useful information about design principles and promoting your work. Chapter 2: Learn The Tools - 5 sections, 3 videos In this chapter you will start off with an introduction to Sketch 3, then move to learning various Sketch 3 techniques, next you will learn about designing from scratch, designing multiple screens, and finally you will learn how to prototype using Flinto. Chapter 3: Build The App: - 15 sections, 15 videos Here you will give your design some guts. In this section you will create a news app from start to finish. You will begin by prototyping in Xcode and then cover setting up Github, setting up CocoaPods, how to animate in Xcode and more. Ultimately you will learn how to submit an app to the Apple app store. Chapter 4: Design with Swift - 12 sections, 10 videos In this forth and final chapter, you will learn how to design using the new language for iOS8 - Swift. This chapter will walk you through Swift Playground, designing a UI in Sketch, creating a basic prototype in Xcode 6, implementing your designs in Swift and more.


This course is perfect for designers and complete beginning coders alike. There is no coding experience required, but you will walk away with an understanding of how to code from a designers perspective, plus experience using the latest tools for designers such as Sketch 3, Xcode 6 and iOS 8.


  • Get 25 Sketch files, 31 videos and 24 Xcode projects
  • Learn how to design and code holistically
  • Build an app - from nothing to app store
  • Join a community of over 5,000 other students
  • 20% off Sketch 3 by Bohemian Coding
  • 30% off Ember, a great app for collecting designs and inspirations


  • Sketch 3 (free trial)
  • Xcode (free)
  • Mac running Mavericks or Yosemite
  • iPhone running at least iOS 7


"Design + Code is a wake-up call. Why should I learn a web based technology or a depreciated tool when the obvious choice is to learn Xcode?" - Jean-Marc Denis, Product Designer at Google "Design + Code is an excellent resource for learning about building iOS apps...If you think the Design + Code web site is gorgeous just wait until you see the tutorial content." - Macdrifter "Always been a lover of good design and [this] book makes it so easy to understand." - Christopher Wayman


Meng has been designing for 14 years. He has worked for a number of startups in Montreal and spent a full year in San Francisco as a lead designer. Meng has published dozens of articles about design and code, which collectively have received over a million reads. He recently self-published his book, Design + Code, which has sold 5,000 copies worldwide in its first 5 months.


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