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When you need Mac software at a discount, we have you covered. We’ve got a huge selection of software designed for Mac that will fill almost any need you have. We’ve got software for creating budgets, compiling PDF files, securing your Mac, editing video — applications that make your Mac easier to use.

Password Boss Premium: Lifetime Subscription (Unlimited Devices)
Password Boss Premium: Lifetime Subscription (Unlimited Devices)
140 Reviews
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PDF Reader Pro For Mac: Lifetime Subscription
PDF Reader Pro For Mac: Lifetime Subscription
46 Reviews

Why choose Mac software?

Many developers create software applications for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Each version is tailored to the respective OS, which makes both applications mostly the same. This creates consistency, but it comes at a price. When developers make software that has to work on both operating systems, they forfeit the opportunity to build features specifically for one OS. Mac software has features you can’t find anywhere else Access to OS-exclusive features is an advantage when you choose software designed specifically for Mac. Software created by developers who put their entire focus on Apple’s lineup of operating systems will make use of Apple’s native OS functionality as a main component rather than an afterthought. The result is strong features that quickly become second nature to use. Mac software powers a good portion of the world There’s no denying the rivalry between Windows and Apple. There are die-hard fans on both sides with a few people who prefer both. However, graphic designers and photographers, for example, tend to use MacBook Pro laptops loaded with Adobe programs like Photoshop and Lightroom. For Mac fans, it’s all about the user experience. There might be Windows computers equally powerful (or more powerful), but when you work on the computer all day, the experience matters more than power. These discounted Mac apps will save you money Everyone knows Macs are expensive computers, but the software doesn’t have to have the same high price tag. Mac software applications are heavily discounted to make them affordable for everyone. There’s no reason you should have to pay full price for software you can get for less. Mac software that comes with a lifetime license You might remember the days when software came with a lifetime license. When you paid for software, your payment was a one-time fee and you owned the rights to use the software forever. With today’s subscription-based payment models, your expenses can add up fast if you use more than one application. The Mac applications aren’t all subscription-based. If you’re tired of paying monthly for software, check out our selection of Mac applications to see if we offer a lifetime license for the kind of software you need. You’ll save plenty of money by replacing your subscription-based software with applications you only need to pay for once. Our discounts make it easy to get the Mac applications you need Whether you’re downloading software to use for work or as a hobby, our discounts make it easy to get all the Mac applications you need
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