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DogTV can provide hours of entertaining content just for doggos.

Sep 28

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My idea of relaxation is plopping myself onto the couch in front of the TV. So when my husband and I recently added a four-legged family member to our household, we hoped little Sally would like to relax the same way...and we lucked out with a snuggler! To make sure she could really appreciate TV time, we decided to invest in some entertainment just for her puppy-dog eyes (which are two different colors, by the way).

DogTV, the first television network made specifically for our furry friends, is available for $150 through this lifetime deal.

Dog-Friendly Programming You'll Enjoy, Too

I downloaded the DogTV streaming app on our smart TV, ready for all the pup content Sally could ever want. The app is straightforward to use. You can scroll through various categories, depending on what you'd like your dog to get out of the program, from calming to entertaining.

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Here's a helpful breakdown of where you can find what:


These videos are basically a run-down of how you can get the most out of DogTV. Here, you can find content on how they adjust coloring for a dog's vision, tips for watching, information about the music used in the videos, and more.


Currently, the show in this category is called Farm Girl with Chrissy Joy. Thanks to plenty of dialogue and activity, watching this kept us and the pup entertained. This show features super-cute farm animals to keep your pet interested and keep you slapping your partner's arm while shouting, "Omg cows!!!"


This is the category we've used the most. My sweet Sally girl has severe separation anxiety and hates being left alone. There are videos named Cozy, Cottage, Flowers, Chill, Zen, Tranquility, and more. A lot of these are four hours long, so they are helpful if you're going out of the house for a while. It's probably too soon to tell if these are working for Sally, but I am hopeful as she continues to become acclimated to our home, she will be able to focus on the screen!


Here, you'll find content designed to spark their little brains, as opposed to Relaxation, which should hopefully help them calm their minds. I've seen videos like Snack Time, Stroll, Sandy, The Pier, Pool Party, Road Runner, and more in this category. These videos let your dog view an activity they can appreciate while watching other dogs on the screen lap up a good time.


For the pups that are sensitive to certain sounds, sights, or sensations, this could be a great section to peruse if you want to help doggo get used to seeing/hearing them to ease their fears. Here, you'll find videos including Go for a Drive, Wowzer (for water anxiety), Whoosh (for vacuum anxiety), Ding Dong, and more to help your dog cope with their feelings.

Good Night

It's bedtime! With colors and music designed to help them drift off to doggie dreamland, you can tuck in your fur baby with videos from this section. It features Dreamy, Snooze, Lazy Bones, Siesta, Slumber, and more.

Tips & Tricks (multiple sections)

These are more for us humans. This category features videos with a veterinarian discussing a variety of behavioral traits and ways to help your pup be their best self, with sections like Happy Puppy, Separation Anxiety, Senior Dogs, and more.

Other categories include Music for Dogs, The Dog Moms (Episodes), You and Your Dog: Puppy Collection, and lots more. 

Paw-some Content for Various Dog Needs

Overall, I think DogTV's streaming service is a fantastic way to keep your dog entertained.

There's a wide variety of content for dogs with many different needs, and I really like how they show dogs displaying the behavior you want your dog to exhibit. Notably, the relaxation videos feature dogs lying down and just chilling in the grass, on a couch, and in many other places to try and show your dog everything is A-OK. 

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Aside from the content, you'll be pleased to know DogTV is veterinarian approved and has tons of good reviews from other pet parents, including a 4.2-star rating on the Apple App Store.

The other perk is that this is a DogTV lifetime deal: There are no recurring fees. It's a one-and-done investment that you never have to think about paying for again; once you've purchased and downloaded, it's yours fur-ever.

Sally is still trying out lots of different videos, and we plan to use our subscription to its fullest, jumping into all the categories and episodes!

Give DogTV a try while a lifetime subscription is available for $150—the best price you'll find online (reg. 838).

TV for Dogs? Yes! Really! Keep Your Dog Happy Throughout the Day with Video Content Specially Designed for Your Fur Babies

DOGTV: Lifetime Subscription

TV for Dogs? Yes! Really! Keep Your Dog Happy Throughout the Day with Video Content Specially Designed for Your Fur Babies

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